Provider Services
Juli Ann Burton 1(702)555-1212 Babysitting

Call 1(800)555-1212. Available for babysitting between 5:00pm and 9:00pm Mon-Sat. Please call. We are a "certified" group of young adults who have taken all first-aid and red-cross classes. We can handle little ones and are completely responsible. We are using the money to contribute to our local USA swim team, which prepares us for college and life beyond. There are five of us in this services group, which makes us available most any day of the week, and to numerous requests during the weekend. We can take kids to the park, to the lake, to golfing, to fishing, to the ballpark, and even to the opera. We have driver's licenses and insurance for the vehicles we drive. We can also provide some educational opportunities, as all of our group have earned National Merit Scholarships, and three have earned Rhodes Scholarships. We can take your children to the opera, concerts, museums, and other scintillating and rewarding activities. By the way, we also provide tutoring to your children too.))